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Courses & Events


  • for music pupils and students who want to develop
  • for ambitious musicians dreaming of a great stage career
  • for those looking for unlimited development regardless of where you live
  • for those who are constantly traveling or who cannot leave their place of residence, and do not want to give up contact with the teacher
  • for those thirsty for inspiration and new ideas
  • for those who love traveling combined with useful education
  • for those looking for a suitable place to study, wanting to choose a university
  • for those preparing for any music exams and auditions
  • for those who feel that they are ‘stuck’



We have been organizing master classes for 15 years, our greatest passion is to enable musicians to contact the stars of the world music scene and the most experienced teachers! See for yourself that our staff is second to none!


We work with masters in their fields, our teachers are titled lecturers from European music universities and active stage musicians. There is no place for mediocrity here – each event is refined both musically and organizationally.


Thanks to the use of the most modern, specially prepared video conversation software on the market, the sound quality during online lessons is incomparably better than any other messaging programs. See for yourself that on the eMasterClass platform, classes in online mode are no limitation, but only a chance for success!


Thanks to the variety of course forms, both stationary and online, every musician, regardless of place of residence and nationality, will find something for himself! Don’t worry, each of our educators teach in several languages!


Pay safely thanks to a transparent payment system! (miejsce na opis jaki) When you buy a course, you already know exactly how many lessons you will have in it.

Stationary vs. Online

Why stationary?

  • you have direct contact with the teacher during the lesson!
  • posture correction, instrument positioning while playing!
  • you visit new places and learn at the same time!
  • you make new friendships!
  • you listen to the play of other course participants and draw conclusions for yourself!
  • -you play live with an accompanist or other musicians

Why online?

  • work with any teacher of your dreams, no matter where you are in the world!
  • adjust the time of the lesson without giving up other duties and entertainment!
  • save your time! commuting to the place of lessons and tiring journeys are unnecessary!
  • save money – no travel, accommodation or meals during the course!
  • convenience and freedom during lessons, you are finally at home!
  • send files, materials even during lessons!
  • “check” the teacher from a distant corner of the world without leaving home!
  • continue learning started stationary!
  • be in constant contact with the educator, develop!

About Us

eMasterClass is a place where your Passion and Love for music meets our Experience and Professionalism. This is the recipe of eMasterClass for music education at the highest level! For 15 years we have been organizing master classes with the most outstanding teachers in their fields – online and stationary. Do you want to develop and improve your instrument playing skills? Trust our experience and world-famous professionals – MasterClass teachers!

Who we are?

A foundation which has not agreed to lower the quality of music education and the mediocrity of organizing cultural events since 2007, we have been operating on the Wielkopolska music market for many years as an important point on the artistic map of this region. We believe that the fate of classical music and the development of higher culture depend on us and our ability to adapt to the new realities of the modern world. That’s why we don’t want to be just a point on the map! From this need for unlimited access to the highest quality education and contact with masters in their fields, the eMasterClass platform was created. We invite you – create an account, make yourself comfortable and see that the place you are currently in is not important! Every day you can develop under the supervision of world-famous teachers and become, step by step, a better Musician and conscious Artist.





ul. Św. Marcin 80/82/312
61-809 Poznań / POLAND

tel +48 61 870 30 09 


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