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What are conditions for participation in eMasterClass courses?

Participants of the courses may be outstanding students of music schools, students and graduates of music academies, regardless of age.

How to sign up for the course?

In the “Courses” tab select the event you are interested in and click “registration form” in the basic information section.

Fill in the application, pay the registration fee (or the entire amount), after the recruitment is closed, you will receive a reply with a decision qualifying you for the course.

Is the entry fee refundable?

The registration fee is refundable only in two cases: when you do not qualify for the course and when the course is canceled.

How long is a lesson during the courses?

The lesson lasts 45 minutes.

How the payment for the course looks like?

Payments can be made by bank transfer to our bank account or using the systems integrated with the website (PAYu/STRIPE/PRZELEWY24)

Can I take part in the courses while living outside Poland?

Of course you can! We invite everyone to participate in our events, regardless of nationality and place of residence. Music has no boundaries 🙂

Is it possible to participate in the online version of the course?

Many eMasterClass educators conduct lessons and courses online – if you are interested in such a formula – ask us! Our consultants will surely answer all your questions and help you choose the best option.

Is it possible to participate in courses and lessons in a different language (other than Polish)?

Of course, each eMasterClass educator speaks fluently in at least two (and usually three) foreign languages. Check the teacher you are interested in in the “Pedagogues” tab – you will find there the languages in which each of them can conduct your lesson.

What do I need to take an online lessons?

You will need a computer or tablet with a webcam and your instrument. Internet connection is very important – the minimum bandwidth should be 6 Mb / s (recommended 25 Mb / s). You can check the quality of your connection HERE. Close all unnecessary programs during the session. This is probably the easiest (and cheapest!) Way to improve your connection quality.

What program is used in online lessons?

Soon, specially prepared software with the latest sound quality parameters available on the global market will be available on our platform! Stay tuned 🙂

Is it possible to buy a single lesson with a eMasterClass educator?

There is a possibility of a single, individual online lesson with an eMasterClass educator. Choose the teacher you are interested in, the appropriate lesson package and pay using the PAYu system. Our consultant will contact you on the next working day and arrange a convenient date for your lesson.

Do I need an account on to register for the course?

No, it is not required.

Who can I ask my questions that I haven’t found in the FAQ section?

Our consultants are available at the following e-mail address:, via our social media and by calling +48 61 870 30 09 from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm.