We cordially invite all music school students, students and graduates of music universities to the stationary Winter MasterClass!

The course will take place on January 07-15, 2021 in Poznań (Poland).

Lessons will be held in a place full of history – at the Śródka district, at the Szeligowski Music School (Poznań, Bydgoska 4 street).
We invite you to check the list of outstanding profesors, whom we invited to co-create this unique event!
NEW! This year you can choose the course formula that suits you best! More information about each of them and prices can be found below.
Additionally, each of you will have the opportunity to present your skills at the Concert of the course participants!
We are waiting for your applications until the the 6th of December 2020!
Do not hesitate, the number of places is limited!


dr hab. Tomasz Lisiecki
Agata Igras
dr hab. Agata Igras
Stanisław Firlej
prof. Stanisław Firlej
dr hab. Jakub Haufa
dr hab. Ewa Guzowska
dr hab. Ewa Guzowska
Mariusz Patyra
dr Mariusz Patyra

INDividual course (BASIC)

The course includes

  •  2 individual stationary lessons  (45 minutes) 
  • possibility of participation in the concert of participants

Basic course:

2 lessons x 45 minutes

PLN 399,00

INDividual course (Intensive)

The course includes

  •  4 individual stationary lessons  (45 minutes) 
  • possibility of participation in the concert of participants
  • lessons with a pianist

Intensive Course:

4 lessons x 45 minutes

PLN 780,00

 INDividual course (INTENSIVE-HYBRID)

The course includes

  •  4 individual stationary lessons  (45 minutes) 
  •  4 individual online lessons  (45 minutes) 
  • possibility of participation in the concert of participants
  • lessons with a pianist

Intensive Course:

4 lessons x 45 minutes (stationary)

4 lessons x 45 minutes (online)

PLN 1400,00

Chamber music course

The course includes

  •  2  stationary lessons  (90 minutes) 
  • possibility of participation in the concert of participants


2 lessons x 90 minutes

PLN 980,00

Additional information


  1. The deadline for submitting applications is the 6th of December 2020.
  2. The application is made by filling out the registration form available at www.emasterclass.eu.
  3. The admissions committee decides about admission to the course. Participants qualified for the course will be notified of this fact via email within 5 days of the end of the recruitment.
  4. Participants qualified for the course are required to pay the registration fee in the amount of PLN 150 by December 19, 2020. Lack of payment will be treated as resignation from participation in the course. The remaining amount should be paid no later than the 19th of December, 2020.
  5. The course fee does not include the cost of food and accommodation in Poznań


  1. The course will be held at  T. Szeligowski Music School in Poznań, Bydgoska 4 Street.

  2. Lessons will be conducted in a sanitary regime. The organizers reserve the right to measure the body temperature of the participants. In case of an elevated temperature, the participant will not be able to participate in classes.

  3. Due to the SARS COVID-19 epidemic, other people are not allowed to participate in the classes.

  4. Each participant will be able to book an exercise room for 2 hours a day via the www.emasterclass.eu portal. In the case of available rooms, it will be possible to use them longer.

  5. Participants’ concerts are planned during the course. People willing to participate in the concerts will be guaranteed an individual lesson with a pianist.

  6. Each participant will receive a certificate of participation in the course.



We will, of course, start with the most important thing – eat well 🙂

The nearest restaurant is Ghiacci Cafe. You will find there not only very good lunch for which you will get vouchers worth 10% of the price, but also cakes and cookies.

Travels around Poznań

          The nearest train/bus stop is at roundabout “Rondo Śródka”, from where you can get to absolutely every part of Poznań. You can get to the main train station by tram line 3 and 6 for about 15 minutes. Termy Maltańskie – currently the largest aquapark in Poland, the easiest way to get there is by bus line 184 (only 4 minutes), but the healthiest and most beautiful one is to walk around Malta lake.

          However, it is good to know that Poznań’s Malta is not only a lake. It is a meeting point for many young people, where you will find many interesting attractions, from several rope parks, through roller coasters, to a mini-golf course.

       We truly recommend the well-developed network of City Bikes in Poznań, each rental for 20 minutes of which is free, and you can give them back wherever you want. Currently, it is the fastest and cheapest way of getting around in Poznań, especially with morning and afternoon traffic jams and overcrowded trams.

Important places

          The closest accommodation is Hotel Śródka – about 2 minutes on foot from the place of course. We have prepared a special discount for accommodation during the course, you only need to know the password which it “Pro Cello”.

         The nearest KAMILIEX store – you will find there grocery and vegetables.

         We strongly encourage you to visit the Old Market Square in Poznań, trams of lines 3, 4, 8, and 17 run towards it every 3 minutes. You only need to drive two stops and get off at the “Plac Wielkopolski” stop. The town hall in Poznań is particularly interesting at 12 noon, when two billy goats appear on its tower and collide with their heads.

         We also encourage you to visit the Poznań Cathedral in your free time, especially with its underground, where the Baptismal Font of Mieszko I (the first ruler of Poland) is located, and the Poznań Gate museum – one of the most modern museums in Poland, which beautifully presents the beginnings of our country.


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