About us

eMasterClass is a place where your Passion and Love for music meets our Experience and Professionalism. This is the recipe of eMasterClass for music education at the highest level! For 15 years we have been organizing master classes with the most outstanding teachers in their fields – online and stationary. Do you want to develop and improve your instrument playing skills? Trust our experience and world-famous professionals – MasterClass teachers!

Who we are? 

A foundation which has not agreed to lower the quality of music education and the mediocrity of organizing cultural events since 2007, we have been operating on the Wielkopolska music market for many years as an important point on the artistic map of this region. We believe that the fate of classical music and the development of higher culture depend on us and our ability to adapt to the new realities of the modern world. That’s why we don’t want to be just a point on the map! From this need for unlimited access to the highest quality education and contact with masters in their fields, the eMasterClass platform was created. We invite you – create an account, make yourself comfortable and see that the place you are currently in is not important! Every day you can develop under the supervision of world-famous teachers and become, step by step, a better Musician and conscious Artist.

Check out our offer of master classes – you will find in it stationary courses (such as the Cello MasterClass in Szamotuły, we will celebrate the 17th edition next year!) and online, which use the latest technology with the best sound quality available on the market.

Welcome – create an account, make yourself comfortable and see that eMasterclass will be a perfect companion for your career and musical development. Meet us in beautiful Poland at perfectly organized master classes with various formulas, and if you choose the online form – enjoy unlimited contact with the highest quality education, regardless of where you are now! Isn’t that great? Every day you can develop under the watchful eye of world-renowned teachers and become, step by step, more and more efficient Musician and a conscious Artist.