What kind of equipment do i need?

Computer or tablet? 

You will need a computer or tablet with a webcam and your own instrument.
Laptops have cameras and microphones built in, just like iPads and tablets and they work great.
If you are not satisfied with the results, you can invest in an external camera and a microphone. We recommend LOGITECH cameras and ZOOM microphones.

Internet Connection

Internet connection is really important.
Minimum: 6 Mb / s
Recommended: 25 Mb / s 
If you want to check your internet’s quaility – CLICK HERE.
Close all unnecessary programs during the session.
This is probably the easiest (and cheapest!) way to improve connection quality


Lighting is really important. Using a computer screen as the only light source may not be enough. 
The perfect light would be obtained by using a three-point lighting system.
But in fact try to be simply in a well-lit room with daylight or ceiling light.