Lekcje Stacjonarne czy online?


-you have direct contact with the teacher during the lesson!

-posture correction, instrument positioning while playing!

-you visit new places and learn at the same time!

-you make new friendships!

-you listen to the play of other course participants and draw conclusions for yourself!

-you play live with an accompanist or other musicians!


-work with any teacher of your dreams, no matter where you are in the world!

– adjust the time of the lesson without giving up other duties and entertainment!

-save your time! commuting to the place of lessons and tiring journeys are unnecessary!

-save money – no travel, accommodation or meals during the course!

-convenience and freedom during lessons, you are finally at home!

-send files, materials even during lessons!

– “check” the teacher from a distant corner of the world without leaving home!

-continue learning started stationary!

-be in constant contact with the educator, develop!